The Art of Pietro Librici 


by Mariella De Santis

Pietro Librici was born in Legnano (Milan Province) in 1985. He lives between Lombardy and Sicily. A Northener by chance, a Sicilian by heritage, he reveals these origins in every part of his life. He studied classical dance for many years – perhaps this choice to use his body as an exercise in harmony came from his love for the severe magnificence of Sicily’s temples, the richness of its Baroque, the deep blue of its sea and the inexplicable amalgam of its almond cakes. Harmony is unattainable without discipline and so, with the idea of following a path of beauty in his life, he took a degree in restoration at Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan; he specialised in the restoration of contemporary works of art. 

His attraction to light induced him to go to Norway, where he worked on the restoration of slides made during Amundsen’s expeditions (now published as an e-book) and then – being drawn to contrasted states like someone seeking alchemical elements – to busy London for a while. 

He travels for a reason (love, work, mystery); his wanderlust brings him to unlimited imaginings (his series of fantasy and blue paintings), fidelity to those he loves (the portraits), sensual Nature (the flower and animal paintings) and embraces among mortals no longer struggling against the gods (the white canvases, from which fragments of anatomy emerge). 

He started from a cultured and classical approach to the human figure, but as he gradually apprehended the truth about his life and himself, he began to reflect exploration and research in his work, though this did not make him an experimental artist, rather an experimenter. 

Looking at his work some people may see a touch of feyness, but this did not prevent his meniscuses from being injured or his shoulders from being dislocated: Pietro launches himself into life; he is as much a lover of movement – he has practised a number of sports, from karate to water polo – as he is of stillness, when he feeds on “melancholy, gentle nymph” and the noble art of nostalgia, though this can always become the starting-point for new ways of looking and loving. 

He listens to music from all periods, peoples and milieux. Ecstatic on emerging from a Rodin exhibition, but equally spellbound by the work of Bill Viola or Anish Kapoor. He cultivates careful watchfulness towards the invisible, but will dedicate the same attention to the tomato purée he never fails to make each summer, in a family rite that is first and foremost a way of being thankful to life. For him art and life are mutually dependent, and there are no limits to exploration. His artistic practice contemplates the use of rigorous techniques, excellent materials and long preparation in the search for original forms of expression – where trial and error are both limitation and new horizon. 


BFA in Conservation and Restoration of Art - Brera Academy of Fine Arts – Milan.

MFA in Conservation and Restoration of Contemporary Art - Brera Academy of Fine Arts – Milan.

Graduate of the “Musica Arte Spettacolo” School, Milan.