Initially my work was connected to my Sicilian origins, from the sculptural and the figuration that sink their origins in ancient Greece. Refracted faces of heads and busts, partial silhouttes of bodies appear on the surface: limbs, necks, heads of solitary beings or who try to interact with each other by encamping portions of space. "Human remains" caught when the decay appears, broken due to the passing and becoming of time that permeates all incessantly. Silent and majestic they tell us of ancient history and vital present in which it manifests itself. Every broken body, every disarticulated limb is a sign of a bond that can never be completely understood, whether it concerns beings in their intimate or social interaction. What is broken is sometimes defined by clear and minimal contours that stand out on the monochrome surfaces: intact, intentionally essential and perfectly stable. The elements of nature are evoked: branches like furrows and cerebellar turns, surfacing of artifacts from a totally blue surface, still an insular call due to the sea but also to the power of the unconscious and the unknown that surprises or dominates us. Hence the choice of blue, the color of introspection and at the same time an active seed of probable rebirth.  


In the last period my attention has moved to another typology of works: small installations and works done in watercolor. My small installations of conceptual matrix take up what surrounds me and belong to my experience in a very intimate and profound way: the bond with my mother, human feelings, my personal relationship with life in times of struggle... I collect objects that are important to me, I collect them and I used them only when it's the "right" time.


Alongside this type of work I also create watercolors. Works characterized by a use of this technique also unconventional: transparent but at the same time material images. In this case I like to investigate the elements of nature by creating compositions that sometimes enrich my installations. As in the case of the work "Air and Earth" where the birds fly ordered along an imaginary line that ends with the presence of a canvas. 


In my creative work, the metaphorical force is subliminal. Happiness is an aspiration that beauty promises but no one can guarantee. Through art I try to reconstruct the pact between need and desire, limit and possibility.